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Trademark Application Statement of Use


This agreement, dated {{order_date}}, is made BETWEEN

Stone Law, P.C., whose address is
18 Robbins Street, Floor 2
Toms River, NJ 08753, referred to as the Law Firm


{{billing_first_name}} {{billing_last_name}}, whose address is
{{billing_city}}, {{billing_state}} {{billing_postcode}}, referred to as the Client.

  1. Subject Matter of Agreement.
    1. The law firm will represent the client in drafting of a  USPTO Trademark Statement of Use for the USPTO Trademark Application Serial Number listed above.
    2. Litigation. This agreement does not obligate the law firm to initiate any litigation on behalf of the client. If the client wishes to pursue litigation and the law firm agrees, an additional agreement will be entered into for that purpose.
    3. Appeals. This agreement does not obligate the law firm to appeal on behalf of the client. If the client wishes to appeal and the law firm agrees to represent the client, an additional agreement will be entered into for that purpose.
  2. Legal Services to Be Provided.
    1. The legal services to be provided by the law firm include only those services outlined in paragraph 1(a) above. This agreement is made under a fixed fee arrangement; this fee does not include preparation of additional documents after the drafting of the USPTO Trademark Statement of Use, and does not obligate the Law Firm to file any statutory affidavits, respond to any additional office actions, or to file any foreign registration documents. The Law Firm does not guarantee the outcome of the Federal Trademark Application, as many factors can affect the USPTO decision, none of which are not under the control of the law firm.  In addition, the client should be aware that the Trademark registration process generally takes a minimum of 6 months to complete but can extend to over a year.
    2. The law firm will not provide any additional legal services other than those specified above without first consulting with the client and obtaining authorization from the client. These additional services will be charged the current hourly rate of the person performing the additional work, as outlined below.
  3. Legal Services Not Covered by This Agreement.
    This agreement requires that the law firm represent the client with respect to the above subject matter only. Any other matters, except those incidental to and necessarily included with the above matter, must be the subject of a separate agreement between the law firm and the client.
  4. Costs and Expenses Payable by the Client.
    1. Costs to Be Payable to the Law Firm. The client agrees to compensate the law firm for the costs of photocopying, telephone toll charges, postage, messenger service or other out of pocket expenses required in the representation of the client.
    2. Other Charges Payable by the Client. In addition to legal fees, the client is required to pay the following costs and expenses: charges for experts, court costs, fees for accountants or appraisers, fees for services of process, fees for investigators, costs of depositions, messenger service fees, and other necessary expenses in this matter.
  1. When Payments Are Due.
    1. The payment schedule is as follows: Initial payment required is {{order_total}}. This amount will be deemed earned upon the law firm starting work.  The law firm will begin work in representing the client upon the receipt of payment in full.  This amount will be used to pay for services, costs, and fees as outlined previously in this agreement.
    2. Billing Practices. The law firm will send the client itemized bills from time to time. The law firm may also require that costs and expenses of litigation be paid in advance. All such bills for costs and expenses are due upon receipt. The client will also be charged interest at a yearly rate of 5% on any balance due that is not paid within 30 days from the date of the bill.
  2. Where Funds Will Be Held
    The client acknowledges and consents to the holding of any unearned funds in a NJ IOLTA Trust Account, regardless of the client's location, and waives any right to an alternative location for unearned funds.  Additionally, client acknowledges and consents to the direct deposit of any funds paid via PayPal directly to the law firm operating account.
  3. Authorization and Decision Making.
    The client shall have the right to settle this matter at any time the client considers to be in the client’s best interest.
  1. Client’s Responsibility.
    The client must fully cooperate with the law firm in this matter. The client must provide all information relevant to the subject matter of this agreement. The client must also pay the bills as required by the agreement. If the client does not comply with these requirements, the law firm may withdraw from representing the client.
  2. No Guaranteed Result.
    The law firm shall act on behalf of the client in a courteous, conscientious and diligent manner at all times to achieve solutions that are reasonable and just for the client. However, the law firm does not guarantee or predict what the final outcome of this matter will be.
  3. Termination of Services.
    Termination of Services. The law firm may terminate this agreement if the client is in breach of its obligations under this agreement or if the law firm is otherwise required to do so in accordance with the rules of professional conduct governing attorneys. The client is entitled to terminate this agreement, subject to its contractual liability to the law firm for services rendered.
  4. Information to Be Made Available to the Client.
    Information to Be Made Available to the Client. The law firm agrees to make every effort to inform the client at all times as to the status of the matter and as to the acts that are being taken on behalf of the client. The law firm will make the file available to the client and when possible will send copies of materials to the client at the client’s expense.
  5. Complete Agreement.
    Complete Agreement. This writing includes the entire agreement between the client and the law firm regarding this matter. This agreement can only be modified with another written agreement signed by the client and the law firm. This agreement shall be binding upon the client and the law firm and their respective heirs, legal representatives and successors in interest.
  6. Signatures.
    Signatures. Both the client and the law firm have read and agreed to this agreement. The law firm has provided the client with answers to any questions and has further explained this agreement to the complete satisfaction of the client. The client has also been given a copy of this agreement.


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