This week in Other Barks & Bites: the Federal Circuit issues decisions reversing the PTAB’s nonobviousness ruling on soup dispenser design patent claims challenged by Campbell Soup and finding that the USPTO cannot recoup expert witness fees from patent applicants filing Section 145 lawsuits; USPTO General Counsel David Berdan to step in for Coke Stewart in performing duties of Deputy Director; Chinese tech firm Tencent says its online subscriptions won’t be harmed by a recent copyright edict against its exclusive music license agreements; the Eighth Circuit rules that Section 120(a) does not provide a defense against copyright claims stemming from floorplans depicting a work protected by an architectural copyright; 1-800 Contacts files a trademark suit over Warby Parker’s infringing use of Google Ads; an administrative law judge at the International Trade Commission rules that Google infringed on a series of patents owned by Sonos; the Federal Trade Commisison (FTC) files a new antitrust lawsuit against Facebook; and news reports indicate that is planning to introduce department store locations in Ohio and California.

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