This week in Other Barks & Bites: a series of Big Tech CEOs meet with White House officials to coordinate efforts on U.S. cybersecurity initiatives and training programs; the Federal Circuit issues decisions affirming Section 101 invalidations of secure mobile transaction claims asserted against Apple, and overturning a $1.2 billion jury verdict for Juno Therapeutics after ruling that asserted patent claims failed the Section 112 written description requirement; the Tenth Circuit decides an issue of first impression and sides with the First Circuit in interpreting the extraterritorial reach of infringement claims under the Lanham Act; Judge Koeltl orders additional briefing on impact of Warhol Foundation’s fair use ruling in copyright case against former President Donald Trump; the Ninth Circuit rules that California law does not grant music copyright owners a right of public performance that would require digital and satellite radio providers to pay royalties for pre-1972 sound recordings; and Judge Koh rejects VoIP-Pal’s motion to dismiss a declaratory judgment action filed by AT&T despite a covenant not to sue on the patent AT&T seeks to invalidate.

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