This week in Other Barks & Bites: Senators Tillis, Whitehouse, Graham and Blumenthal reintroduce bill to prevent cybercrime amid record year for ransomware attacks; Senators Crapo and Wyden introduce the FABS Act to create a 25% tax credit in domestic semiconductor manufacturing investment; the Federal Circuit affirms a Section 101 invalidation of digital camera patent claims over Judge Pauline Newman’s dissent that the claims cover a mechanical and electronic device; the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) rules that it can institute post grant review (PGR) of patent claims that have been disclaimed by the owner; Lina Khan is sworn in as the new chair of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC); the Seventh Circuit nixes yet another appeal from Design Basics while deriding the architectural design firm as a “copyright troll”; the CJEU rules that the registration of Internet protocol addresses of Internet service provider (ISP) subscribers for submission to copyright owners seeking to enforce against infringers using BitTorrent can be permissible under EU law; and Senator Tillis issues questions for response to executives at Sonos and Amazon dealing with issues of efficient patent infringement and anticompetitive e-commerce activities.

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