This week in Other Barks & Bites: The EPO Board of Appeal issues preliminary communications on artificial intelligence-invented DABUS patents; the House Judiciary Committee passes a legislative package of six Big Tech antitrust bills after a 29-hour marathon markup session; Google announces the JioPhone Next as it seeks to increase sales on the Indian subcontinent; the Senate IP Subcommittee holds a hearing on patent quality, after which Senator Tillis sent questions for response to panel witnesses on several topics including the possibility of “gold-plated patents;” the Directors of WIPO, WHO and WTO agreed to collaborate on workshops for facilitating medical technology distribution during the COVID-19 pandemic; the Supreme Court rules in Arthrex that the USPTO Director must review decisions of the PTAB to cure the constitutional defect in that case; the CJEU holds that online platforms normally do not make a communication of copyrighted works under EU law when users upload infringing content; and the Ninth Circuit rules that damages claims against online social media platforms for liability stemming from attacks by terrorist groups posting content on those platforms are barred by Section 230 immunity.

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