This week in Other Barks & Bites: the Russian government issues a decree telling domestic entities that they will be immune from monetary damages if they infringe patents filed by entities from “unfriendly” countries; the Defending American Courts Act is introduced into the Senate to prevent anti-suit injunctions in other countries from affecting U.S. court proceedings; WIPO report shows that the United States and China are the leading countries of origin for COVID-19 vaccine and treatment patent applications; the USPTO terminates relations with patent offices in Russia and Belarus while China’s IP agency extends its relationship with the Eurasian Patent Organization; antitrust regulators in the UK and the EU open an investigation into the 2018 “Jedi Blue” online ad deal between Google and Facebook; the Ninth Circuit finds that certain ostinatos used in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” do not rise to the level of copyrightable expression; and an EUIPO report finds that nearly 6% of goods entering the EU in 2019 were pirated or counterfeit.

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