This week in Other Barks & Bites: Facebook comes to a preliminary agreement on copyright royalties with French news publishers; Senator Thom Tillis announces his support of a bill increasing cyber-attack reporting requirements for critical infrastructure owners; the Federal Trade Commission issues a report on “troubling” ISP practices surrounding consumer personal data; a Moscow court enters a ruling banning dozens of Samsung smartphone models from Russia after finding infringement of mobile payment system patents; Snap’s earnings show that Apple’s app privacy changes are having a sizable impact on advertiser revenues; the EPO releases a study showing that the U.S. and the EU account for 60 percent of clean plastics patent filing activity; the House of Representatives passes a series of four bills that would secure supply chains for telecommunications infrastructure and improve competition in telecom networks; and the Copyright Royalty Board reopens a public comment period on Section 115 statutory licenses after major copyright owners and record companies reach a partial settlement.

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