This week in Other Barks & Bites: the Supreme Court denies petitions for certiorari in cases over Lanham Act claims asserted by professional models against strip clubs using their likenesses in nightclub ads, as well as an appeal challenging the Eighth Circuit’s determination that a product’s expense doesn’t create higher buyer sophistication as a matter of law in initial interest confusion cases; Samsung announces plans to build a $17 billion computer chip plant in Tyler, TX; a successful mediation between Nike and Skechers leads to a settlement of patent infringement claims between those two footwear rivals; Senate Democrats, along with Bernie Sanders (I-VT), renew calls for a TRIPS waiver on COVID-19 vaccines; amendments to national copyright law increasing copyright protections go into effect in Singapore; Apple files a petition for cert asking the Supreme Court to reverse the Federal Circuit’s finding that its license with Qualcomm eliminates Article III standing to challenge the validity of the licensed patents; and the Fifth Circuit finds that the mere availability of a website without anything targeting a forum state cannot meet the “purposeful availment” requirement for personal jurisdiction to sustain a copyright and trade dress infringement case.

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