Numbers were relatively stable last week, with the district courts seeing 57 new patent filings and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) seeing 25 petitions (two post grant reviews [PGRs] and 23 inter partes reviews [IPRs]). A big chunk of the PTAB action was against Ocean Semiconductor LLC by Applied Materials, Inc., who filed five against the litigation financed entity (Fullbrite Capital Partners, LLC), and six filed by Lumenis Ltd. against BTL Healthcare Technologies A.S in an apparent litigation-free freedom-to-operate action. Bank of America filed a few challenges against NantWorks; Rothschild subsidiaries filed a number of district court complaints; and two IPRs were filed and instituted against the IPValue Management, LLC-run Monterey Research semiconductor suit—one by Qualcomm, one by STMicroelectronics; and ditto for two by Freeman Capital Partners-run FG SRC LLC—one by Xilinx and one by Intel and Xilinx. 

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