Aviation Law covers a variety of aeronautical issues, including transactional and consumer issues surrounding air travel.  Since aviation law is regulated by state, federal, and international laws, legal issues can become extremely complicated.  While Federal law generally governs aviation issues, state laws can often still affect litigation.  Aviation law can cover matters from pilot employment to unfortunate aviation accidents.  If you believe you may have an issue that implicates aviation law, the skilled attorneys at Stone Law, P.C.  can help.

Aviation is heavily regulated, and Title 14 of the CFR contains the regulations for aeronautics and space.  The Federal Aviation Administration, formed in 1958, issues and enforces most aviation law regulations.  FAA regulations cover aircraft operation, manufacture, and maintenance.  Beyond regulations, the FAA provides navigation and air traffic information to both civilian and military pilots and certifies airports and pilots.  The National Transportation Safety Board issues safety recommendations and investigates civil aviation accidents.  Also affecting aviation safety, the Transportation Safety Administration was created after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to screen passengers and baggage for security issues.

Additionally, aviation law is complicated by state laws interacting with the federal regulations and laws.  States cannot regulate many aspects of aviation, including rates and routes, but they can enact laws in addition to federal aviation laws.  State laws can also affect liability for aviation accidents.

Also, because of the nature of air travel, aviation law also implicates international laws.  Several international conventions regulate and ensure uniform laws.  The International Civil Aviation Organization regulates mediations for international aviation law, and the Warsaw Convention limits international airline liability for negligence.

Aviation law is further complicated by this interaction between state, federal, and international law.  Contacting a skilled attorney can help you achieve the most favorable outcome if you are involved in an aviation issue.  The skilled attorneys at Stone Law, P.C.  can help guide you through any aviation issues you may face.