Real estate law is a unique area of the law which touches everyone at some point in their lives.  The field is not limited to the buying and selling of property; real estate attorneys approve rental agreements and can be instrumental in settling landlord/tenant disputes.  It is helpful to have a relationship with a real estate attorney to help expedite any type of real estate matters which will come up in your life.

A person’s most common interaction with a real estate attorney revolves around buying and selling property.  Many jurisdictions require judicial review of house sales and it is always a good idea to have an attorney review a contract of such importance.  Real estate attorneys can also review the sale of property without homes already built.  Typically prospective homeowners will also need to arrange for a mortgage, another transaction where a lawyer can come in handy.  Your attorney can advise you on the terms of the mortgage or make modifications to the loan agreement.

Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves subject to foreclosure proceedings if they have difficulty paying their mortgage.  Attorneys are crucial in foreclosure proceedings to help people stay in their homes while a court sorts out the foreclosure proceeding.  Real estate attorneys are intimately familiar with the foreclosure process and can properly advise clients on how to protect their homes.

Renters can benefit from retaining an attorney as well.  Rental agreements generally contain similar provisions, but landlords can, and have, added in their own provisions.  Prospective tenants may find any differences in the contract independently, but a seasoned real estate attorney would be far more likely to catch the fine print.  Diligence at the beginning of a new landlord/tenant relationship can prevent huge headaches later on if disputes do arise.

Similarly landlords should consult real estate attorneys as well.  Landlords should have their rental contracts reviewed by a lawyer before submitting them to a prospective tenant.  Each state has different rules about what landlords can require of their tenants.  A real estate attorney can properly protect a landlord with language that will be upheld in court.  When trouble does arise, an attorney can advise a landlord on the proper way to resolve disputes without running afoul of the law themselves.

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