What is copyright infringement?

Generally, copyright infringement is the unauthorized use of a copyrighted work; however, infringement issues can be complicated. An experienced attorney can help you with difficult copyright infringement issues. If you believe your copyrighted work has been used without permission, Stone Law can help protect your copyrighted work. Alternatively, if you are accused unlawfully using copyrighted material, we can help protect you from claims that you have unlawfully used copyrighted material. Copyright infringement occurs if a copyrighted work is performed, reproduced, or distributed without the permission of the copyright holder. Underlying ideas and facts themselves cannot be copyrighted, but a given expression of them can be protected by copyright. Copyright infringement claims can be difficult, but Stone Law is available to defend your work against copyright infringement by other parties, as well as to defend claims against you for infringing on another’s copyright. We are here to help you protect and enjoy your hard work.