Stone Law is a law office which can meet all of the needs of a business, whether you are a start-up or an established corporation.  Stone Law is well-versed in a multitude of fields ranging from intellectual property to litigation to document drafting.  Located in Colts Neck, New Jersey, Stone Law serves not only the local communities in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties but also practices in the rest of New Jersey, New York, Florida, and the federal courts.

Stone Law can handle many of your intellectual property needs.  Most business seek trademarks to protect their brand or product names.  Stone Law can obtain a registration from the Trademark Office or defend the trademark against infringers. Similarly, we can help businesses, and individuals, register copyrights with the United States Copyright Office or defend their copyright against infringers.  We have drafted many cease and desist letters to stop such infringement.  We can also help with other copyright concerns such as transfer terminations and licensing.  Some creators prefer open source licenses such as Creative Commons.

The lawyers of Stone Law can aid you from the very beginning to help draft formal formation documents for partnerships, joint ventures, LLCs, or other corporations.  We can also draft an organization’s by-laws.  We can also help during a merger, acquisition, or divestiture on either side of the transaction.

Many groups need help drafting contracts of different types.  Some entities will require franchise agreements while other may need a non-disclosure agreement or a covenant not to compete.  Other prefer to operate online which introduces e-commerce concerns.

Stone Law will also represent you for any possible litigation.  Whether it is fighting against defamation or tortious interference, Stone Law will serve the needs of our clients.  We can also negotiate settlement agreements to achieve a swifter resolution.  Whether small business, large corporation, or individual entrepreneur Stone Law’s legal expertise can help you with all of your business needs.

If you or your business are in need of legal services you can contact Stone Law at 732-444-6303 or leave us a message on our website.