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Intellectual property is a field of law which covers anything that the human mind creates.  Intellectual property is everywhere around you from the logo on your beverage, to the formula for the drink itself.  Every piece of consumer goods, art, building, and machine had to be created by someone and this is the scope of intellectual property law.  As the creator of something unseen, novel, and perhaps even revolutionary someone needs to protect you.  Stone Law is here to protect you.

Intellectual property law is broken into several sub-fields: Trademark, Copyright, Patent, and Trade Secret.  Each sub-field offers a different kind of protection to the creator, or to the public at large.  Patent law provides protection for inventors, or for the organization sponsoring the inventor.  Trademark law provides protection both to the trademark holder and to the public; trademarks allow the public to readily ascertain the source of goods or services.  Copyright law protects the author of a work.  The law of trade secrets is meant to prevent the unlawful dissemination of proprietary information.

In some cases, depending on the nature of the item for which protection is sought, multiple intellectual property fields may be applicable, without thorough knowledge of the construction of each of the different intellectual property fields it is impossible to fully protect anything.