It is almost inevitable that every business will come across legal issues.  A majority of lawsuits settle outside of court, but businesses need to be prepared for the possibility of litigation.  Larger corporations typically hire in-house counsel to handle these matters but smaller businesses likely need to reach outside the business for representation.

It is prudent not to wait for a lawsuit to rear its ugly head before retaining an attorney.  Lawyers can be extremely helpful in advising a business on how to avoid litigation in the first place, whether it be avoiding copyright infringement, writing clear partnership agreements, or drafting favorable employee agreements.  A seasoned litigation attorney knows the best way to handle litigation is to prevent it from happening.

However, sometimes litigation is unavoidable.  Having a lawyer on retainer will allow a small business to react quickly to an incoming lawsuit and potentially start negotiating a settlement earlier.  If a business wants to initiate a lawsuit, having an attorney on retainer who knows the business well will lead to better representation at trial.

A retained attorney will work hard for a business client but also not incur a large sunk cost as a full-time employee.  Having a dedicated attorney on retainer brings the best of both worlds: a dedicated representative which only incurs costs when necessary.  If your business is being sued, wants to initiate a lawsuit, or simply needs to retain a lawyer, you contact Stone Law at 732-444-6303 or leave us a message on our website.