After almost 200 district court patent filings last week, things settled back into their recent rhythm, with an average 66 district court complaints (including some “Schedule A” brand anti-counterfeiting complaints) and 28 Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) petitions filed (all inter partes reviews [IPRs]) this week. There were no IP Edge or Rothschild complaints this week, after last week’s busy filings. There were no Fintiv denials again this week; the PTAB petitions included three IPRs filed by Microsoft against Daedalus Blue LLC against patents originally assigned to IBM (more below), as well as various patents related to ongoing challenges (like the rolling Lasik J&J/Alcon fight), more fracking IPRs, more Peloton-related challenges (those bikes make big bucks!), and a curious rechargeable-battery suit between a Taiwanese U.S. patent holder and a U.S. rechargeable battery company based in Michigan, A123 Systems, LLC. Those batteries are supplied to NEC and other device manufacturers, so what looks at first blush like a small suit probably is set to have broader implications. Nokia had a Google challenge denied, and two Ideahub [Synkloud] challenges by Microsoft were denied as well, on the merits; and more Uniloc/Fortress IP claims were cancelled on final written decision.

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