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Trademark Infringement in The Dark Knight 0

Trademark Infringement in The Dark Knight

Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Trademark

Trademark infringement suits happen every day and Hollywood is no exception.  On May 16th of 2013, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana decided a lawsuit against Warner Bros. for the Clean Slate program in The Dark Knight Rises.  For those who may not remember, in the movie the Clean Slate program that could erase a person’s entire history.  This of course is not to be confused with Tony Stark’s Clean Slate program to destroy his Iron Man suits. Warner Bros. was sued by Fortres Grand Corporation.  Fortres Grand started selling a real life Clean Slate in 2000 and registered a trademark for it in 2001.  The nonfictional program protects computer networks by erasing all evidence of user activity so later users see none of the previous user’s activity.  Fortres Grand sued Warner Bros. for trademark infringement for not only the movie but two websites Warner Bros. made for Rykin Data, the fictitious company which developed Clean Slate in the movie.  Fortres Grand claimed Warner Bros. committed trademark infringement by using a fictional product that was similar to their real product.  Warner Bros. responded with a motion to dismiss the case. The Court analyzed Fortres Grand’s reverse confusion theory  that Warner Bros. saturated the market...

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