District court patent filings rebounded a bit with 80 this week, buoyed by a new financial services campaign, Peregrin Licensing LLC, from an older publicly traded non-practicing entity (NPE), Quest Patent Research Corporation; further bolstering the numbers were 10 new suits in an ongoing Equitable IP campaign against retailers, Consolidated Transactions LLC. As for the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), filings were normal, with 27 inter partes reviews (IPRs) and two post grant reviews (PGRs). The PTAB this week denied a number of IPRs under Fintiv related to ongoing International Trade Commission (ITC) trials (with the usual placeholder stayed district court litigations attached); this week it was Roku benefitting from Fintiv, with the latest Universal Electronics IPRs getting denied. The long-running Ancora Technologies, Inc. assertion has moved on to additional defendants and a number of parties filed IPRs against the Magentar-Capital-backed Arigna Technologies this week.

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