It was another typical Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB)/district court split this week, with 33 petitions (two of them post grant reviews [PGRs]) and 71 district court complaints filed. There’s a seemingly new non-practicing entity (NPE) campaign by Jeffrey Gross, Netcom Global Solutions, LLC, with a few new filings, a Chinese e-Bike manufacturer, Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Tech., Co., Ltd & Unicorn Global, Inc.] who has sued a number of companies over U.S. patents in district court; and somehow the Symbology (and other Rothschild) suits continue to find defendants to sue, this time targeting mall storefronts David Yurman and A number of petitions were filed against NPE K.Mizra (also associated with NPE Ginegar LLC, who last week continued to assert U.S. Patent 9,367,531).

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