This week in Other Barks & Bites: a bill amending copyright law to increase liability for online platforms republishing news snippets is introduced into Canada’s Senate; Senator Tillis asks President Biden to select a USPTO Director who will retain reforms wrought during Andrei Iancu’s tenure; the Senate IP Subcommittee leadership sends follow-up questions to Facebook regarding access to its Rights Manager; China’s IP administration issues guidelines for patent application filings which are designed to reduce poor quality filings; Pharrell Williams escapes liability for perjury for his testimony during the copyright case over “Blurred Lines”; the PTAB decides against a discretionary denial of an IPR filed against an independent inventor despite a November trial date in district court; the Technical University of Munich joins an EPO-EUIPO joint IP education program; and digital service providers pay more than $424 million to the Mechanical Licensing Collective to qualify for limited liability under the Music Modernization Act for past infringements.

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