This week in Other Barks & Bites: the Federal Circuit reverses a lower court’s erroneous application of the first-to-file rule in denying a motion to transfer venue in a patent case, and also finds standing for parties bringing a statutory cause of action for trademark cancellation proceedings; the USPTO issues trademark examiner guidance following the Supreme Court’s ruling in USPTO v. as well as a benchmark study showing a 100% increase in AI patent applications between 2002 and 2018; registration for short online literary works is now available through the Copyright Office’s electronic registration system; the Ninth Circuit denies the Federal Trade Commission’s petition for en banc rehearing in its antitrust case against Qualcomm; Moderna reports $1.1 billion in customer deposits for its yet-to-be-approved COVID-19 vaccine; the Department of Justice announces $60 million in criminal trade secret fines to United Microelectronics Company; and Eko seeks a temporary restraining order to freeze Quibi’s assets related to IP infringement claims totaling nearly $100 million.

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