This week in Other Barks & Bites: the Second Circuit affirms an attorneys’ fee award to Spanish Broadcasting System after finding that key plaintiff witness was “basically making up his testimony”; Circuit Judge Reyna calls out the Federal Circuit’s Section 101 analysis under Alice; Senator Tillis renews call to end U.S. support of TRIPS waiver after calls to extend waiver to copyright; Circuit Judge Newman dissents from a Federal Circuit panel majority’s decision that a forum selection clause in a non-disclosure agreement did not prevent Samsung from challenging patent validity in inter partes review (IPR) proceedings; Moderna announces its plans to invest $500 million in building a vaccine manufacturing facility in Africa; the Copyright Office starts a crowdsourcing campaign to digitally transcribe 95,000 title pages from works registered during the Office’s first century of existence; and the U.S. Supreme Court invites the Solicitor General to file a brief on PersonalWeb’s petition for writ challenging the Federal Circuit’s application of Kessler v. Eldred to create patent-specific preclusion doctrine.

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